Nutrition Seminar Wednesday July 12th @ 7:15pm


Nutrition Seminar- Meal Plan & Handouts included

Do you want to feel better? Look better? Have more energy? Get rid of that nasty bloating? Take action and learn how you can help yourself.

Our last nutrition class was SOLD OUT and had overwhelming success, now it’s your turn!

Wednesday July 12th @ 7:15pm. Spaces Limited $65 taxes in! ( Over $150 Value!)


GlowStix Fit Drumming June 5th @ 7:15pm

Join us the first Wednesday in July for this wickedly addictive class!

I promise you, this class will prove you can have fun getting fit.  You’ll feel like a rockstar with this incredibly upbeat, high energy fat basting class. Get ready to release some endorphins and pound the stress away!  $15, click HERE!

*Class is included in J-Glow Month Unlimited Memberships.  Please email directly to reserve