KEMPTVILLE – Foam Rolling class


This class is held at 29 Clothier St. E Kemptville ON

LEARN TO ROLL -FOAM ROLLING CLASS Tuesday November 6th @ 7:15 pm. Grab your pass & reserve your spot ASAP, it’s filling up quick! Read more below ??? Reservation and pass link at the bottom of the page!

If you experience chonic tightness, pain, muscle soreness and/or suffer from knee, back or sholder or other joint pain – this class is for you! Learn how to properly target tight areas and relieve tight muscles and pain throughout your body.

In this hands on rolling class you will learn differet rollling techniques to relieve pain, decrease risk of injury and increase mobility. I highly recommend foam rolling classes to everyone – atheletes, runners, strength and bodybuilders, aging population, those with previous injuries or anyone who finds a getting a weekly massage a bit too expensive!

Learning to foam roll properly can greatly improve movement, decrease pressure, decrease pain and stiffness, impove posture, improve circulation, decrease risk of injury and much more. It is an excellent alternative or addition to massage therapy.

* This is a specialty class and is not included on the “first class free” options. It is very popular so we like to keep the space available to our members!

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